Helicopter Jumps – American Revolution Boogie 2022


Early bird gets to jump the whirly bird!!!!    Limited tickets available!

Out of stock



We’re flying a MD 500 turbine helicopter (SEE THE PICTURE) on Friday, July 1st…the day BEFORE the start of the  American Revolution Boogie !

Grab a couple of friends for this rare chance at a great helicopter ride and a no prop blast exit!

Strap your happy a$$ in for a thrill ride you won’t soon forget on the way to exiting into still air at 7500 feet!

Tickets are $120.  Limited number of slots available.  Don’t wait, grab your slots now!

Helicopter jumpers must be at least B-license qualified (license in hand or application completed and sent in).

  • No “D-rings”, MUST have soft emergency handles
  •  No wingsuits, base rigs, or long camera mounts
  • Rental gear not allowed
  • If we are unable to fly due to weather or mechanical  issue, we will issue a refund or we can put the $$ on your DZ account

PS: Don’t forget your camera if you have at least 200 jumps! 🙂