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Skydive Spaceland Announces Military Transitions Program

Skydive Spaceland Military Jump

At Skydive Spaceland, we love our active and retired military service men and women! We greatly appreciate your service to our country, and we’d like to announce our newly formalized training program to transition military-trained skydivers to the civilian skydiving world. This program is now available at all Skydive Spaceland locations.

The Skydive Spaceland Military Transition program builds on the skydiving training received in the military and qualifies jumpers for their United States Parachute Association A (basic) license in as little as three jumps (if HALO training has been completed with a ram-air parachute). This license will let you skydive anywhere in the country after completing our transition program, which is based on the very successful Skydiver Training Program used at all Spaceland drop zones. Skydive Spaceland-Houston is the busiest civilian skydiving school in the country.

Transitioning skydivers will learn about:

  • Civilian skydiving gear
  • Emergency procedures in case of malfunctions
  • Advanced canopy handling techniques
  • Spotting the aircraft
  • Stable freefall body position and maneuvers
  • Group freefall skills

The transitional training will be tailored to each individual’s needs, as military jumpers will have a wide range of skydives and experience. Transition skydives are $150 each and include everything needed for the jump–ground training, skydive, gear rental, and instructor–with no hidden fees. They can also be bought in 2-packs for $280 (saving $20).

Spaceland’s student/transition rigs are state-of-the-art systems including modern ram-air parachutes (Performance Designs Sabre2/Navigator mains and Performance Designs reserves), Sun Path Javelin harness/container systems, and Cypres automatic activation devices. Gear is available for rental after the transition training is completed, and we have a full-service gear store run from our Houston location to sell all civilian skydiving gear a skydiver needs.

All of the Spaceland drop zones have well-maintained grounds; properly maintained, upgraded turbine aircraft; state-of-the-art, high-capacity facilities; and professional instructors with experience transitioning military jumpers to the civilian skydiving environment. All locations also offer our free Transitions program on weekends, in which jumpers with less than 100 skydives can get free small-group coaching from USPA-rated coaches regardless of where they graduated.

To begin the Skydive Spaceland Military Skydiver Transition Program, please contact your preferred location for scheduling. Make sure to bring your skydiving logbook and certificate of HALO completion if you have one. We look forward to flying with you!

  • Skydive Spaceland Dallas: 903-364-5103, open 7 days a week just north of Dallas. Camping is free and there is a bunkhouse available for $15/night. We also have an RV park.
  • Skydive Spaceland Houston: 281-369-3337, open 7 days a week just south of Houston on our 130-acre private airpark. Camping is free and there is a bunkhouse available for $15/night.
  • Skydive Spaceland Atlanta (Rockmart): 770-748-2200, flying Thursday-Monday and by appointment Tuesday/Wednesday. We are located northwest of Atlanta in Rockmart on our 60-acre private airpark. Camping is free.
  • Skydive Spaceland Florida (Clewiston): 800-533-6151, open Thursday-Monday just outside of Clewiston (near Miami and Fort Lauderdale) on the Airglades Airport. Camping is available during special events only.


  1. my name is Leonardo Gallardo and I was medically retired from the marine corps due to my injuries and since then I have been able to walk again with out any assistance from a walker or cane after many years of rehab and would love to be able to jump again and continue to jump and I would love to be apart of the military transition program.

    • Hey Leonardo, thank you so much for your service! We would love to talk you you about joining the military transition program. Please contact our manager, Ken Stone, at 903-364-5103 or email him at Have a great day!

  2. Was curious about a total price for active duty military with military airborne school. I would only be able to do jumps on the weekends. Thanks in advanced.

    • Hey Louis! We look forward to flying with you and thank you for your service! Please contact our manager, Ken Stone, at 903-364-5103 or email him at to discuss your previous experience and currency, and where you would enter our program based on that (this will drive the cost discussion). See you soon!


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