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Skydive Spaceland Takes Skydive Dallas to the Next Level

Skydive Dallas becomes Skydive Spaceland Dallas

One of the country’s busiest skydiving centers, Skydive Dallas in Whitewright, became the fourth member of the Skydive Spaceland family of dropzones on April 13, 2016.

“Skydive Dallas has always been a solid, popular skydiving business,” says Spaceland’s owner Steve Boyd, who brings 40 years of drop zone management experience to Skydive Spaceland Dallas. “We’re super excited to start with this foundation and build on it to take North Texas skydiving to the next level with increased aircraft support, updated skydiving equipment, and upgraded facilities.”

Boyd opened the first Skydive Spaceland just south of Houston, Texas, in February of 2000, and the third-generation family skydiving business quickly grew into Houston’s largest, most progressive skydiving center. Spaceland Houston conducts more than 100,000 skydives per year and has hosted major skydiving competitions including the U.S. National Skydiving Championships. It is also the busiest civilian skydiving school in the country. The brand expanded to Clewiston, Florida, near Miami in early 2013 and to Rockmart, Georgia, near Atlanta in May 2015.

Located roughly 40 miles northeast of Dallas in Whitewright, Skydive Spaceland Dallas is a 120-acre skydiving center that will undergo several major updates before summer, including the following:

  • All-weather paved runway/taxiway system and new fuel farm.
  • Full enclosure and climate control of the main building, with updated lighting.
  • New siding and insulation for the main building roof and walls.
  • New building for 24-hour restrooms and a full-service pro shop.
  • New 40-spot bunkhouse in the RV park for staff and guests.
  • Remodeled manifest, offices, and training rooms.
  • Updated electrical systems and Internet connectivity.
  • New tandem rigs (20 Sigma tandems).
  • Flight line: B-model (stretch) Cessna Caravan to replace the current Caravan, which will be ultimately upgraded with the 900-HP conversion later in 2016. The “school bus” Super Otter will remain in the fleet following maintenance and a Spaceland paint job. Spaceland’s Skyvan will be also be a frequent visitor as she shares time between the two Texas Skydive Spaceland drop zones.

Spaceland’s popular, world-renowned Skydiver Training Program will be offered in Dallas, along with state-of-the-art rigs and canopies available for most body sizes. Students can achieve their A licenses in as little as a week, and they often come from all over the U.S. and the world to do so. Following graduation, the popular Transitions program offers DZ-sponsored coaching on weekends, plus monthly themed events and competitions, to jumpers with fewer than 100 skydives regardless of where they graduated.

Spaceland’s management will continue to support the major events formerly hosted by Skydive Dallas, such as the popular American Revolution boogie around July 4. Competitive teams of all disciplines, long a strength of Skydive Dallas, will also continue to be supported and encouraged.

“This drop zone has a seriously great vibe and culture,” says Boyd. “We want to support all of that and help it grow further.”

“I am excited to be a part of the team helping to create a bigger, better future for skydiving in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” says the new operations manager Ken Stone, a multi-rated skydiving instructor/videographer at Spaceland Houston and 26-year veteran military skydiver with the Australian Army/Australian Parachute Federation.

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Transition Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in store for the former Skydive Dallas following this ownership change?

A lot of business as usual at first, followed by some operational changes and upgrades as listed above. We are hoping to have these upgrades done by the American Revolution boogie July 2-4.

How does this affect other Spaceland locations?

Not much… but we expect Skydive Dallas and Skydive Spaceland staff to learn from each other, bringing improvement to all of our drop zones.

Also, this gives our unlimited jump pass holders another major drop zone at which they can use the pass! It’s not too late to buy the pass, which covers your lift tickets at all four of Spaceland’s drop zones through the end of 2016.

Get the unlimited jump pass

Will our jump prices change? 

In some cases, yes. Please see the new pricing structure on our website, effective immediately.

Jump prices

I have money on account at Skydive Dallas. How will that be handled with the ownership change?

Anyone with money on account with Skydive Dallas will have until Dec. 31, 2016, to use that account credit at Skydive Spaceland Dallas. Work in trade, however, is something that will have to be worked out with the previous owners. Starting Jan. 1, 2017, all account credits set up with the previous owners will be cleared.

I’m a student partway through the training program at Skydive Dallas. How will this affect my training? I’ve heard you have a different training program.

First of all, we’ll be open 7 days a week very soon, which will give you more opportunities to train when the weather is good! This also allows you to achieve your license in as little as a week.

Learn more about getting licensed in a week

As for the curriculum, our Skydiver Training Program is a bit different than Skydive Dallas’ AFF/Skydive University program, and transitional training for partly trained students will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We will transition you to our program as inexpensively as possible. Please email the new operations manager, Ken Stone, with any questions.

I’ve worked a lot with Joe Instructor. Will he still work there? 

In most cases, yes! Skydive Dallas employed a lot of great staff, instructors included, and most will continue working for Skydive Spaceland Dallas although a few have chosen to relocate.

Will major Skydive Dallas events still go on? 

Yes! We want to keep everything that has made Skydive Dallas great and super fun, such as the American Revolution boogie and Rookiepalooza. Please stay tuned to our events calendar and Facebook for event updates!

What will team training rates be under the new management? 

See the competitive teams page on our website for more information.

You’ll be open 7 days a week now?

Yes! We are now open 7 days a week!

Please feel free to ask us any questions you have. We’re really looking forward to flying with you!

Ken Stone

Ken Stone (email)

Skydive Spaceland Dallas Operations Manager, Instructor, Videographer

Rosy Booker

Rosy Booker (email)

Skydive Spaceland Dallas Marketing/Events Coordinator, Instructor, Videographer


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