Second Jump: Tandem Skydive

As low as: $239.00

The second jump’s even better than the first!

If you previously jumped at a different Spaceland location, which one?

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On your second skydive, you’ll again experience the thrill of skydiving along with more instruction on parachute and body flight. Here are some of the things you’ll do on your second tandem skydive:

  1. Poised exit with your instructor
  2. Altitude checks after each maneuver
  3. Left and right 360° turns
  4. Tracking
  5. Deploy the parachute
  6. Check the parachute
  7. Practice flat turns and flaring
  8. Learn about your ideal “holding area” and landing pattern
  9. Learn how to pick up and handle the parachute equipment after landing

After completing your learning objectives for this skydive, it’s on to the Skydiver Training Program to learn how to skydive on your own!