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Experienced Skydiver Information

Welcome to Skydive Spaceland! We’re looking forward to jumping with you. In the meantime, here are answers to the questions most experienced jumpers ask about our drop zones.

What’s Up Right Now?

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How to Get Here

Map/directions page

Do you need help getting to Spaceland? Contact Darren at America’s Tour Guide for special Spaceland rates (password: skydive); he drives skydivers out here on a regular basis and can also help with flights, hotels, and car rentals if you need those services.


  • 8 am – 5:30 pm Monday-Friday
  • 7:30 am-sunset on weekends
  • On-site deli serves breakfast and lunch on weekends while we’re flying


We are completing an on-site bunkhouse with shower and laundry facilities. Learn more about lodging options


  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Logbook
  • USPA membership card/license
  • If you have your own gear: In-date reserve card and seal. Bring the rig to manifest so we can check it. Rental gear is available; see below.
  • AAD: Optional but strongly recommended for all jumpers.
  • Currency requirements: Please see the Skydiver’s Information Manual, section 5.2.


  • Please drop off a credit card or put money on account before jumping. You can also buy jump tickets online to save you from checking out with manifest at the end of the day. Close out with manifest at the end of the day as soon as possible to get your card back.
  • Pulling from a load after the 10-minute call may result in loss of your jump ticket.
  • Wingsuiters: Be sure to manifest as a wingsuiter for each jump and see our wingsuit dive guidelines. If you don’t declare your intentions with manifest, the increased last-minute load organizing may result in you missing the load.
  • Tracking/angle flying dive organizers must turn in a flight plan and be familiar with our tracking/tracing dive policies before each jump. Make sure to manifest your group as a tracking/angle flying dive.  If you don’t declare your intentions with manifest, the increased last-minute load organizing may result in you missing the load.
  • Teams: Please see our team rates and information page

Landing Area/Safety Briefing

  • Wind indicators: Flags, wind sock.
  • Follow a left-hand pattern of no more than 90­­° turns under 1000 feet when landing in any area except the swoop park.
  • Do not cross the runway under 1,000 feet.
  • Please see our New jumper briefing DFW for a map of each drop zone’s landing areas and their policies.

Aircraft Safety

  • Please avoid all aircraft operations areas except when boarding the aircraft.
  • Avoid all propellers, moving or otherwise, at all times.
  • Loading order: Wingsuiters, tandems, Skydiver Training Program, freeflyers (small to large groups), hybrid skydives, belly flyers (small to large groups), low-altitude skydives. Tracking and other horizontal skydives are approved and placed in the loading order on a case-by-case basis after approval from one of our S&TAs, load organizers, or drop zone manager.
  • The person sitting behind the copilot seat must be prepared and willing to relay commands from the pilot to jumpers in an emergency situation.
  • Seatbelts on until at least 1,500 feet. Open door at 1,500 feet in hot weather after checking your handles and verifying seat belts are off jumpers near the door first. Also check for a thumbs up from any instructors near the pilot. DO NOT slam the door open or closed! (More info/video on operating an Otter/Caravan door…)
  • Close door around 7,000 feet in hot weather (or lower if it’s too cold) to allow students to easily talk with instructors.
  • Jump run is pretty standard… Red light means open the door and check the spot, and green light means go. Particularly for hop and pop exits, make sure the aircraft is leveled off (not climbing) as you exit.
  • Wingsuiters: Keep all wings collapsed for a full three seconds after leaving the aircraft to avoid hitting the tail.
  • NO GUM on the airplanes!
  • Helmets must be secured on heads (recommended) or otherwise for takeoff and landing.

Additional Safety Policies

Winds Aloft


  • No pets are permitted in operating areas, but they are welcome in the pond and parking lot areas. Please clean up after them.

Drop Zone Services (organizing, packing, rigging, etc.)

Hosting Third-Party Events at Spaceland