Directions to Skydive Spaceland-Dallas

Skydive Spaceland Dallas is located on a private 120-acre airpark built for skydiving operations 60 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. Get directions below.

Do you need help getting to Spaceland? We do not have a shuttle service, but you can usually get out here with Uber/Lyft or Yellow Cab (214-426-6262). Please be advised that we are located outside the pickup range for some services from Dallas/Fort Worth, so work out a return trip with your driver before you are dropped off!

Are you flying here in your own plane?

Twin OtterVisiting Aircraft Briefing

For those of you flying into Skydive Spaceland in your private plane, here’s the info you need!

✈️👉Pilot Information Flyer for Skydive Spaceland Dallas

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Airport Info

  • Tri-County Aerodrome Airport (48TX)
    • **Listen for parachute activity on 123.07 MHz
    • Ft. Worth Center:  124.87
  • 1039 Private Road 438
    Whitewright, TX, 75491
    📞 903-364-5103
  • Lat: 33.449.456° /  Lon: -96.378°
  • Runway 18/36: Concrete, 3600’ x 28’

Landing Instructions

Please begin making calls approximately 10 miles out.  Stay 2 miles away from field until on final (same for departure:  remain on extended runway centerline until 2 miles out).

Yield to jump aircraft.  You are welcome to land and depart with jumpers in the air (although some folks elect to loiter outside the 2 mile ring until all jumpers are on the ground).  Jumpers land on both sides of the runway; they are supposed to give way to aircraft on their walk back to the hangar; remain vigilant in your scan of the runway.  If you need to go around, remain on runway centerline, staying below 1,000 feet agl until clear of the 2 mile ring.

You will be guided for a specific parking spot, but will be somewhere on the ramp in front of the most SE hangar on the property.

There will be an aircraft fly-in waiver for you to fill out upon shutdown.