New Landing Hazard at Spaceland Dallas

Fenced RV storage facility
Fenced RV storage just west of the peas. Stephen Rosier says if you see this view, you may have already made a mistake or two…

UPDATE (10/10/22): We now have a secure gate on our side to access this area (in the southwest corner, the one closest to the hangar).

It’s still not ideal to land here for sure, but we should be able to get you out without too much trouble. We would still recommend avoiding this area when possible.

Please be advised that one of the fields just west of our D and previously B-C license/tandem landing areas is now an RV storage facility. This former farm field is adjacent to the DZ property and there are two issues with this area:

  1. It will ultimately be filled with RVs, so it won’t be a very open landing area anyway.
  2. The property is fenced with chain link and barbed wire on top.

What does this mean to you? One of our outs to the west, most often used when winds are strong out of the east, is no longer a good option for the reasons mentioned. If you do happen to land here, walk to the southeast corner (the one closest to the hangar) and wait for us to unlock the gate to get you out. Don’t damage your gear or the fence by climbing it.

If you are a B-licensed jumper: This changes one more thing for you (sorry). With the addition of a large hazard adjacent to what used to be the B-C license landing area north of the D/tandem area, this area is now limited to C/D licenses only. You will need to land in the general landing area to the east of the runway unless safety dictates otherwise, until you earn that C license. Please see our updated briefing document to visualize the landing areas.

TL:DR: It is not a good idea to land here.

No one likes landing off the drop zone, but if you skydive eventually it will happen! Landing off should never be cause for panic or poor decisions, because we literally train for this from our first solo jump onward. We know how to handle it.

If the decisions you made up higher have boxed you into landing here, don’t panic! Make the best of a bad situation by landing SAFELY. No matter where you land, getting hurt makes things worse. Stay calm and follow the landing priorities you already know, and you’ll be sharing the story about getting out of “jail” over sunset beers at the DZ rather than from a hospital bed.


  1. Land with your wing level and flying straight
  2. Land in the middle of a large, open, clear area
  3. Flare (at least half way)
  4. Prepare for a PLF

Once you have landed safely, be patient; it may take us a little time to get the gate unlocked to get you out. If you have a phone on you, establish communication with manifest: 903-364-5103. (Save this number to your phone!)

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