Skydive. Refer Friends. Make More Money to Skydive. REPEAT!

Want a few free skydives? Tell your friends to come skydive with us! Every single new tandem skydiver you send our way gets YOU $30 on your jump account! That’s a free skydive if you’re licensed, or $30 towards your next skydive if not!

Ask our office for a bunch of Skydive Spaceland referral business cards and hand them out to prospective new jumpers at work, at social outings, or distribute them at local businesses. For every new tandem skydiver that brings us one of those cards with your name on it, you’ll get $30 on your account.  No bag limit!

You can also send us an email to get an online link just for you that you can share on social media. Skydives booked through that link will give you that $30 credit!

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