Skydiver Training Program Tip: Study for more fun!

The Skydiver Training Program at Skydive Spaceland gives you a lot of detailed information to help you become the best skydiver you can be. You can increase your success and fun on each skydive by studying the dive flows before you come out to the drop zone. Study as many dive flows as you plan to do for the day, and if you have any questions for your instructor or if there is anything you can’t find in the book, make notes of these questions to ask your instructor.

The more prepared you are for your skydives, the more relaxed and successful you will be and the more fun you’ll have! Plus you’ll be able make more jumps that day, since you won’t need much studying before each one.

More jumps per day is ideal for your learning progress as well. With fewer skydives spread out over a longer period of time, we all forget a few details in those days off of jumping.

Note: Before you leave on a training day, make sure you have all of the correct dive flow sheets to study for your next jump day.

Have a great day and we’ll see you soon!

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