Skydive Spaceland Skydiver Training Program: Dive Flow 11 Video

Welcome to Skydive Spaceland’s exclusive, innovative Skydiver Training Program! On your eleventh “solo” skydive, wearing your own parachute system, you will work on controlling your fall rate (speeding up and down), continue to develop a more powerful track, initiate your ‘break-off’ from the jump, and scan your airspace before deploying the main parachute by 4,500′. Relax and have fun!

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Your freefall objectives for this skydive are:

  • Open accordion exit
  • Fall rate control (up and down)
  • 7000 feet break off and track
  • Scan/Wave/Throw by 4500 feet

Your canopy objectives are:

  • Collapse slider
  • Control check
  • Half braked flight
  • Half braked turns
  • 360° braked turn to flare
  • Identify alternate landing areas

Watch the video to see how it’s done!

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