Skydive Spaceland Skydiver Training Program: Dive Flow 9 Video

Welcome to Skydive Spaceland’s exclusive, innovative Skydiver Training Program! On your ninth “solo” skydive, wearing your own parachute system, you will dive out docked with your instructor and start working on forward movement and backsliding!!!!! Relax and have fun!

Previous Dive: Dive Flow 8

Your freefall objectives for this skydive are:

  • Compressed accordion exit
  • Delta forward and backsliding
  • 180° turn and track at 7500′
  • Scan your airspace/wave and throw your pilot chute by 5,000 feet

Your canopy objectives are:

  • Collapse slider
  • Control check
  • Stall discovery and recovery
  • Rear riser turns
  • Rear riser flares

Watch the video to see how it’s done!


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