American Revolution Boogie 2018

Get ready for a whole lot of awesome skydiving July 6-8, 2018! Whether you’re a first-time jumper or you have thousands of jumps under your belt, you’ll have a blast at the annual American Revolution Boogie! We have extra aircraft (and we’re working on more), tons of organizers, a kick-butt fireworks show, and even trapeze artists!

First-Time Skydivers

This is an epic event, the biggest skydiver bash in Texas! (And that’s saying something!) There’s no better time to book your first jump and see what this whole skydiving thing is all about! You’ll see more awesomeness on these three days (July 6-8) than you can imagine!

Book your first skydive now!

Check out how much fun we had last year! Licensed jumpers–more info below!

Licensed Skydivers

You have never had this much fun! We have EIGHT organizers ready to keep you flying your butt off and doing things more epic than you ever dreamed! Register RIGHT NOW for $35. The first 100 registrants get a coupon for 10% off a RigSleeve!

Register me for the boogie!

Plus we have the always awesome fireworks show on Saturday night, dinner every night, a trapeze artist show… Yep, it’s a skydiver circus!

Here’s the who-what-when-where-why:

  • June 6-8
  • Registration: $25 till June 18, $35 after (includes Tshirt)
  • Aircraft: 2 Super Otters, Super Caravan, Robinson R44 helicopter (get your heli tickets here!)
  • Jumps: $25 each
  • Organizers:
    • Thomas Hughes (FS)
    • Scott Latinis (FS)
    • Louis French (FS)
    • TJ Landgren (FF/ANGLES/WS/XRW)
    • Tex Leos (FF/ANGLES)
    • Shannon McCarthy (FF)
    • Anthony Zerbonia (WS/XRW)
    • DQ (XRW)
    • Zach Lewis – video
    • Tent camping: Free
  • RV parking/hookups: Call the office at 903-364-5103
  • Bunkhouse space ($15/night): Call the office at 903-364-5103 (VIP rooms are full)

Stay tuned to the Facebook event page for updates!

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