Unlimited Jump Package Survival Guide (Dallas)

Welcome! We look forward to making ALL the jumps with you, ALL YEAR LONG!!! Here are a few tips about Skydive Spaceland Dallas that you might find useful if you are moving here from afar.

Slots are limited each year, so…
Get your unlimited jump package before it’s gone!

Drop Zone Address/Contact Info, Mail/Shipping

Skydive Spaceland Dallas
1039 Private Road 438
Whitewright, TX 75491
(903) 364-5103

You can get mail and packages sent to the DZ in your name.

If you plan to fly your own plane to the DZ, please check out https://dallas.skydivespaceland.com/about/map-directions/

Your Account, Banking

You can put money on account for incidentals via this link (skip the line!)


  • ATM On-site at the DZ
  • ATM located a gas station/convenience store about 5 miles/5min from the DZ
  • Most major banks have branches in Sherman.


RV hookups are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Rate: $500/month for full hookups, electricity included. Call manifest at 903-364-5103 to inquire about availability and reservations.
RVs may be available for rent, again on a first-come, first-served basis. Call manifest at 903-364-5103 to inquire about availability and reservations.


To reserve a room in the on-site bunkhouse, please contact Manifest at 903-364-5103.  $15/night for a shared room, $30/night for a VIP room with a full and single bunk bed. Learn more


A list of local hotels can be found at https://dallas.skydivespaceland.com/lodging-hotels/


Many local skydivers will also rent rooms or houses. Check out the Dallas Flyers Club group on Facebook to inquire about that. There are also apartments available in nearby towns; Sherman and Whitewright are good options.

DZ Layout/Details, Showers, Laundry

If you’ve never jumped at Spaceland Dallas before, check out this briefing document including maps of the landing areas.

More DZ Details/Services

For more information on our landing areas, safety policies, packers, locker rental, pet policy, full-service pro shop, full-service rigging loft, and much more, please visit the experienced jumper information page on our website.


Bathrooms are open 24/7 on-site next to the hangar/pro shop, and showers/bathrooms/laundry are available 24/7 in the bunkhouse.

Local Stores/Cafe
  • There is a Dollar General store about 10 miles from the DZ (2303 Pettit Pkwy, Whitewright, TX 75491)
  • There is a good “pizza joint” in Whitewright called The Loft that also serves adult beverages (107 West Grande Ave Box 549, Whitewright, TX 75491)
  • There is a good Mexican food restaurant in Whitewright (Tejas Mexican Grill) that is BYOB
  • Lots of places to eat are in McKinney, about a 30-minute drive from the DZ

Cafe On Site

There is an on-site cafe that is open for breakfast and lunch.

Get the Most Out of Your Unlimited Package!

Jumpers who maximize their jumps on the package usually come here with skydiving goals in mind and a path mapped out to achieve them, such as becoming accomplished wingsuiters, freeflyers, or even instructors.

Every Spaceland has tools to help you grow and succeed in skydiving! We have mentor programs with free coaching for skydivers with 100 jumps or less, then we have organizers. We have highly skilled coaches who will be happy to focus on you and keep your learning curve steep. And we regularly hold coach and instructor rating courses by The Ratings Center to help you achieve goals of working with students.

We also are proud to have a highly skilled community of active jumpers here on any given day, and we are located conveniently to a 14-ft iFly wind tunnel in North Dallas (Frisco).

Let’s see what you can do with YOUR unlimited jump year!

Previous Jump Package MVPs
  • 2021: Marv Patino  (577 jumps)
  • 2020: Nate Shane (1224 jumps)
  • 2019: Josh Petit (1427 jumps)
  • 2018: Henry Guyver (1295 jumps)
  • 2017: Glenn Downing (1228 jumps)
  • 2016: Royce Wilson (1089 jumps)
  • 2015: Andy Doyne (678 jumps)

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